Golden Blizzard

Golden Blizzard is an Atlanta-based art collective currently made up of eight artists who work in a variety of disciplines. Golden Blizzard presented their debut solo exhibition at The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia in December of 2005 and quickly followed with solo shows at both Eyedrum, Young Blood Gallery, and Marcia Wood Gallery.  The collective explores the innovative mash-up of mediums such as wall painting, soft sculpture, digital projection, and seemingly anything else they can think of to use, anchored by the collaborative drawings that make up the heart of their aesthetic.

Achieving an unlikely marriage of masculine and feminine elements, high and low artistic sensibilities, and melding more traditional media with such things as glitter, gel pens, Bedazzler and spray-tinsel, the artists of Golden Blizzard – all of whom also work autonomously as artists outside the group – similarly find inspiration in the tension between the self-asserting and ego-obliterating act of collective expression. As explained by Felicia Feaster in a cover article in the March 4, 2006, edition of Creative Loafing, the “cutely-cultish eight-member art collective … somehow incorporate both the feminine yin of small furry animals with a masculine yang of oozing pustules, sex organs, blood and death.”

Golden Blizzard is made up of Ellen Black, Errol Crane, Jennifer Kornder, Alexander Kvares, Ann-Marie Manker, Jordan Reece, Daniel Upton and Lydia Walls.

text adapted: courtesy of Marcia Wood Gallery

Golden Blizzard