Have you heard? WE ARE ADOPTING an infant from the good ole USA!

We have had quite the journey to get to this point, and we feel so blessed to be on the way to parenthood.

We have been struggling with fertility issues this past year, trying to figure out if and how we could grow our family. We have both put deep thought into whether a biological, adoptive, or blended family was right for us. Our answers have remained the same: ANY family is right for us. We truly believe that LOVE makes a family. Some of our favorite family members are not biological yet they are our REAL family.

So it is with much humility that we ask for your help to bring our baby home. If you know us, we don’t like asking for things, but adoption is an expensive process and we’re in need of some help. We are applying for many grants but will not be awarded them until after the child is in our care. We are also working extra and saving everything we can. We would be so grateful if you’d consider helping us reach our goal, which will forever change our lives and the life of our child-to-be.

Here’s a breakdown of the expenses:

$3500 Adoption Consultant*
$1500 Home Study**
$33,000 Adoption Agency fees***
$2,000 Travel Expenses****
$40,000 TOTAL

*Adoption Consultants work with Adoption Agencies all over the country. They are our advocates and help more birth mothers to see our profile.
**Home Study fees cover the cost of a social worker evaluating the safety of our home and the stability of our lives.
***Adoption Agency Fees include the costs for birth parent counseling, child’s birth expenses, post-placement supervision until the adoption is finalized, and a portion of agency costs for overhead and operating expenses.
****Travel Expenses will be required as all of the agencies our consultants work with are out of state. Georgia is a state that allows a birth mother to take the child back within 10 days. We will only consider adopting from the states that limit that time period to 24-72 hours. After that, the Interstate Laws require that we stay in that state for up to 2 weeks before returning back home.


1. Lydia has been selling 5×7 inch ($25) each and 8×10 ($40) line drawn portraits of you and yours! Shipping is included!! To order yours: EMAIL photos to and pay here 
2. Contribute on the YouCaring page. You can donate ANY amount. No amount is too small. Every contribution helps. You can even choose to donate anonymously.

3. Please share our page and story on Facebook. Research shows that for every share nearly $37 is contributed. Forward this email! Share with folks in your community, neighborhood, church, etc. Follow us on Instagram @lydiaandzackadopt 
The beneficiary of all donations is THE CHILD, not Lydia and Zack, and YOU will have a direct and active role in providing a safe, loving home to a child in need.

Thank you for your love, support and generosity!

Lydia Walls Graves and Zack Graves